I’m a big fan of Kent, If you know my blog you’ve seen shots from Whitstable already. I also plan to go to Dungeness before Summers out – as it’s a beautiful – if a bit of a ghostly place. 

While there are some places I’ll probably never go due to tricky reputations, loads of of it is amazing. It’s hard to put a reason to why I like it. Its partly due to the fact that people are often approachable – and I find people don’t conform in quite the same way that Londoners do. It feels like people are themselves more here, less worried about how they appear. Classes mix better, there’s less snobbery, It feels freer, wilder and older, more traditional without necessarily being fuddy-duddy.


I’ve been to Margate a few times – and there’s even an old post of the seafront with a couple of friends walking by. But that was a rainy winters day. I was really pleased to see the seafront full of sun worshippers as our car turned the corner to face the beach. Theres a swimming pool right on the beach, I guess for younger and the less strong / more anxious swimmers, and I caught them there and on the beach itself (above) as the sun was descending. 2S4B4995