I had a dream last month that George Clinton of Funkadelic told me he’d teach me to sing. Thereby improving my interplanetary funksmanship. I though this was pretty funny when I woke up so I put it on Facebook. A friend of mine who works in Koko, a great music venue in Camden Town, London, said he was playing and she could get me in. Freaky. I was also reading one of those books on synchronicity at the time so maybe there’s something in all that.

2S4B0531 2S4B0570 2S4B0589

The show was last night, 15 April, I also took photos for the Venue, ‘two birds, one stone’ right? – only for the first song though, as the promoter went bonkers about photographer passes, but hey, it happens.

So a couple of photos from that event. Incidentally George didn’t offer to teach me sing – but my interplanetary funksmanship went through the roof, one out two isn’t so bad.

If you want to listen to some try this