I went to Marrakech in Morocco in February.A lot of people there (far more than here or anywhere else I’ve been) just didn’t want their photos being taken at all. I was thinking about what Robert Capa said about “If your photos aren’t good enough you’re not close enough” – especially in relation to this one which I took with that in mind.

This is how I felt in Marrakech, wandering around alleys in or nears the souks hassled by bicycles ,vendors and children. They alleys are too narrow for cars and the sound of a two stroke moped engine and bicycle bells are almost always present. I did enjoy it and yet i was very hassley.

As for the quote, there’s wisdoM in what Capa said, but i dont always agree with this theory – its more of a tool than something to live by perhaps? – There are other things to show in photography. Like Trent Parke – who can see wonder in the world, Tony Ray Jones who often describes people through their clothing or what they’re doing or Saul Leiter whose personal work always disguises people into the abstract of repeated patterns graphics or motifs.

I also wanted to mention Niall McDiarmid – WHo has just published a street photography book around Vauxhall Station. I’ve just bought his book so there may be a review coming soon.