A few weeks ago, on the way to work, I was admiring the change in seasons in London. Passing over the Thames on my commute I was struck by the mist that covers London on some mornings at this time of year, before the sun rises high enough to burn it away. I spent a few mornings getting up extra early with camera to catch the scene as I suspect it will only be here for a few weeks before the seasons shifts again.

Edited (croppes) London
Mist over the Thames – October Morning

Todays post finds me back in Vancouver – another holiday there, I can’t quite seem to get enough. I took some photos of the state capital of British Columbia, a city called Victoria. Its on Vancouver Island and so like Thames has a relationship with the water, but the hitory is shorter and so the coastline is wilder,. I’m always thinking of the scale of North America about the scale of North America – I wanted to compare it to a photograph I took of the Thames in London.

Victoria, Vancouver Island – the coast on Dallas Road

I’m sorry its been a while – What with work and spending a lot of time refreshing my graphics and photography website, I have to keep on top of my portfolio, even though that often seems to be a job in itself. Anyway, website: I’m pleased to say is now up. I’t only its second draft so I will be polish, polish, polishing it. Have a look: