I helped a friend out shooting her artwork for her catalogue. I have worked with her and watched her grow from a personal trainer to an artist over the last three years. This time she told me she has just had an offer for representation by a dealer, which is great! The painting shots get easier. They always need a tiny bit of post production because the lenses bow an image slightly. But it’s easy enough now I have had 40 odd painting to shoot.

So 45 min into a two hour studio booking and it was done, she and her friends left to deliver the artwork. And i had all this studio time left over, so I wanted to work on my  three point lighting . This link I’ve added doesn’t show the back lighting enough in my opinion, but there are plenty of video tutorials online – they’re better than diagrams because they show how high the lights are for your desired effect.

Using myself as a model (which is hard – because you cant be on both sides of the camera at the same time. I did this for a while and ended up dropping one of the lights (the fill) right back. Here’s the result, after a little post production (literally a tiny bit of extra contrast and desaturation. So now I just want to try it out on someone else. Any takers?