The Brick Box Ladies are at it again. Friends, clients, and generally shiny people, these ladies change the perception of public space to show people how it can be used effectively.

I’ve designed some posters for their latest event, see the website . I wonder which one they’ll choose?

Light Night 2_Page_1
The fonts have already been determined by the website. NASA stock image.


At their last event, over the summer on Friday nights they held shows, and audience participation events under the A13 flyover (road if you’re from outside the UK). These included and elvis act, rock and roll DJ’s, hula hoop lessons, dancers, performers and allsorts, completely for free and designed for all ages.


Light Night 2_Page_3
I took the background picture outside Victoria Station on Tuesday night. Manually focused my lens to 45cm, opened it right up (f.1.4) and adjusted the exposure to 2/3 under. Then I found some buses and city lights to capture.


Anyway – Now they’re doing Londons first Light Night, at the same venue – the Light Night website describes it thus:

This is a festival of light, community and energy – it’s completely free and open to all. The programme has been designed to entertain and illuminate, inspire and celebrate. New York lighting artist, Leni Schwendinger, will be leading a NightSeeing Programme, encouraging us to explore and discover the nocturnal city. Artists from Speirs & Major, and Output Arts will fill the darkest reaches of the A13 underpass with light, energy and magic. At Bow Creek Ecology Park, visitors can enjoy Milk Pixel: an interactive low & high tech hybrid of light and junk. Plus there’s the Neon Workshop switch on at the A13. There’ll also be music, food, dancing, games, workshops and more to be announced soon.



Light Night 2_Page_6
NASA stock image 2, the surface of the moon half in shadow, I love their database.