Diwali the Festival of Lights is a Hindu festival, marking the triumph of good over evil, its a family festival and huge in the Hindu calendar. There was a huge event at Trafalgar Square to mark the start of this five day celebration. I went with a reporter / photographer from Kensington & Chelsea Today, Izzi, to take pictures.


As it started a circle widened in the crowd in the centre of Trafalgar Square. Nothing seemed to happen for some time some time, but at exactly 2pm dancers came out of the crowd and formed a ring.


A few photographers, onlookers and I got into the centre of this ring and began to dance moving clockwise around us. Although this was planned, the crowd quickly got involved and took it over.


The euphoric nature of the dancers, their utter joy and they way they forgot themselves and really let go was thrilling, I was totally swept away by the moment.