Black History Month - Lewes

John Agard, poet, has a beautiful turn of phrase. He was my highlight at the Black History Month Celebrations in Lewes I shot for last Wednesday. RIch with culture and roots, beautifully presented, I particularly loved his poem drawing on Brixtons vibrant market as an inspiration for racial harmony:

“Even fish and meat got their code of etiquette,
– I never see two fillet fighting yet,
Chorizo greeted black pudding like and old, old mate,
They didn’t take long learning how to relate…..
…Mackerel or veal don’t dwell on the past,
so neither would mention the sea or the grass…
….So if you want to learn about diversity,
Learn from the butter squash and the little lychee”

The other acts included the college students dancing….
…This rapping / guitar combination…
And these singers, who really delivered when it came to vocals