I don’t show much of my design work – which is something I’m going to change, as it’s the lions share of my work. Last week I was offered a short brief to complete a poster for an arts festival In Altrincham. It’s a new venture and I thought this blog could both show this work off and promote the event.

Do check out the Festival here, and if you’re in the area, or nearby mid October.

The brief was to create something that reflected Arts and Crafts more than the type of graphics that we all regularly see, this is very different to my usual style which is very corporate. I’d also been given the circular illustration (by the very talented Yoko Isami) which helped a lot in defining the ‘softer’ aspects brief to me – this means that the selected illustration defines the poster very directly. It was also well chosen; If it was a conventional ‘graphic’, whether that was corporate or more trend (hipster) driven, it would have misrepresented the Festival’s collection of mixed arts. I worked with the curator, Carole Evans, to get the textures and type correct, and reflect the spirit of the festival. She’s pleased with the result, and says it’s been well received, so I’m pleased too!