A couple of recent drawings from the National Portrait Gallery, I’ve posted other ones before.

Even though I got there late I did get one lengthy double portrait in. We were asked to blend two images. Which was fun, I didn’t do it to the brief because it was meant to be profile. But I wanted the man on the rights fantastic eyebrows to stick out, and they  would have been lost. Ha! So ended up with this Mount Rushmore thing I quite like.

The second image, Frazer, was a wonderful, dynamic modern sculpture. It somehow reminded me of 300, Dark Knight & Sin City author / artist Frank Miller – even though I only got 5 min in before the session ended I wanted to do this in a much rougher, more angular style that suited the sculpture but the result is nice for the time I had.

I love that place. I always leave these sessions feeling really happy.

IMG_0001 NPG2