Revisiting London to look at people working and the light. I’m always amazed by how people are in their own worlds. I asked a few people about a portrait, now usually I get more ‘yeses’ than ‘nos’ but not today. I didn’t get a single yes, my solution? Take pictures of people anyway.


Sure it took me a little while to get into my groove. But I got there, now to continue developing.


Incidentally, the British Journal of Photography had pictures from the notebook of one of my favourite photographers, Tony Ray Jones, who takes pictures in the street and social situations – as he likes to explore British Culture. In it he gives himself advice on how to take better pictures, the list has a lot of advice I’ve heard elsewhere, but its collected and very good – And i agree with a lot of in regards to my shooting –  so I thought I would share:

Be More Aggressive

Get More involved “talk to people”

Stay with the subject matter (be PATIENT!)

Take simpler pictures

See if everything in the background relates to the subject matter

Vary composition and angles more

Be more aware of composition

Don’t take boring pictures

Get in Closer (use 50mm lens)


Don’t shoot too much

Not all eye level


Incidentally, Tony Ray Jones has a book of largely unseen American Colour work out with MACK

Tony Ray Jones 
American Colour 1962–1965

Although I think the edition will sell out quickly. Some of his work will appear in an exhibition with Martin Parr at the Science Museum, London. It’s a travelling exhibition called Only In England