America 2009

I love the landscape in the US – here’s some early pictures from my first trip Summer 2009. I was looking for images for a client who wants to publish one in their newspaper, and went all ‘memory lane’, it was actually very pleasant. So much has changed since then, an MA, a new single life, discovering new passions like photography and climbing, and a new career. I’ve always maintained that five years and your life is very different – and after ten – well, we don’t know where we’ll be.

Keep hold of your dreams everyone!

Me – at Big Sur
Jacks – Flagstaff
I think this place was aclled Marble Canyon, it goes on for miles and miles, just south of the grand Canyon, if i remember it ends up in the Navajo Nation area
Flagstaff, one of those mistakes you end up liking.
Outside Zion canyon
Zion Canyon Utah
Zabriskie Point
Dawn in Death Valley
When we arrived in Death Valley it was raining, and it looked like this. I suppose we were privileged. But it was the strangest place, It was June, about 50ºC when we arrived and the spots of rain felt like hot spit flying through a hair dryer. I also had a pint of beer and was really light headed.
Crow, Death Valley. It wasn’t cawing. I think it opened its mouth to keep cool
Bills Liquor Parumph.
Bimbos 1
I was trying out my canon 50mm 1.4 lens when i got this shot. I liked it. I was happy to see the Charlatans UK were playing. Sadly their drummer, Jon, died a couple of weeks ago. But they were a great band who I saw in my youth.