Chelsea Physic

Poppies in the medical section of the Chelsea Physic Garden

I had an opportunity to shoot some filming for a local paper, Kensington and Chelsea Today, They were doing some filming and wanted some shots of the process for editorial. It was in Chelsea Physic Garden on Albert Embankment London.

With its high walls the Physic Garden can easily be missed, one of those places I always intended to go to but never quite made it. It’s very beautiful and quite fascinating. The plants are divided by how they’re used by man not by their own families. Which made me look at the way I thought about plants. For example, these poppy heads were in the ‘cardiology’ section with some caged (highly poisonous) deadly nightshade and some other plants. But the divisions weren’t just medical, they also included more everyday uses for plants. There was a perfumery, a section on plants used as dyes, foods, clothing fibres, one where plants were divided by the vitamins they can provide, a clutch of carnivorous plants and an area of flowering plants to help feed the Physic Gardens bees.


Open from April – October annual membership is £38 I believe, and single entry is £8, its not usually open Mondays unless you’re a member. Here’s a link.

As for the rest of the shoot? Well, it went fine. Thanks to Kensington and Chelsea Today.