Goodbye North America
Finches Cafe, W Pender St, Downtown Vancouver. I caught this chap reading over a Pelligrino, framed by the window. I took a few frames, he looked up uninterested I what was doing, or perhaps his book was just very good.

So three weeks in the US and Canada comes to an end tomorrow when I get my plane home. During this trip I went all around Vancouver, drove through Canada’s BC to the US (Montana, through Idaho and Washington). Met some cool people, saw skunk, wild turkeys, bison, eagles, buzzards, a coyote, groundhogs, antelope, deer (and fawns), a bewildered moose, stayed in a yurt and locked the keys in a trunk of our rental car in the middle of nowhere. Its been great – I can’t tell you how much I love this part of the world. It always feel like an adventure, and well, It was. I got some good pictures of street life and wilderness that will appear here in the coming weeks.

I also drew up plans for a three photo projects for when I return.

So, I hope to be back here soon. But for now back to London, to sort out more work, and a new place to live. Gulp….