Mother Pig

Despite the fact I’m on holiday I’m also sorting out my graphics and photo portfolio, while doing so i came across this image.

I took this photo for an education client earlier this year, it’s of a schoolchild who has been working on a puppet (Mother Pig) as part of a larger project for a puppet show to be performed by him and other autistic children. The clients brief was to capture images to help promote the fact they manage an awards system for a range of children to promote their self confidence, motivation and ability.

This student came up to me with the mask held between us. I asked him to look at the camera though the eyeholes which he was happy to do. I took a few shots – changing where I focused and the framing. This portrait is really interesting, it revealed some of my sitters knowingness about himself, it also suggests barriers that exist between people, our personalities as a mask and so is rich in meaning – and interpretation.

I was also struck by the high level of care shown to the students and the fact they paid complete attention when they made some puppets that afternoon. It was a very exciting and rewarding project.

Note: I pass the copyright of my images to my clients, but retain the right to reproduce images in my own material. So either way all rights are reserved – as they are for all my other work.