I’m full of the love for the Brick Box Ladies and their projects that promote regeneration. Last Saturday (and for the next two Saturdays –  I’d recommend it for everyone) they have nights promoting such an area near the Wandle river in Wandsworth. I covered last Saturdays event Unorthodox.

The Following images we’re some of about 40 I submitted to The Brick Box Ladies (that’s not me, thats what they’re called). Showing an overview of the festival and the centrepiece, a performance by the fabulous ‘Geomancers’: Yael Karavan and Bruno Humberto

Setting up BrickBox / Wandsworth Arts Festval ‘Unorthodox’
Cocktail lessons
Jacob Joyce, Sculptor, and some of his fantastic work.www.jacobvjoyce.com
Tuuli Manninen, Finnish artist
The Geomancers arrive
In Mourning
In Mourning
Part of the ritual to understand the river Wandle
The audience discuss the remnants of the river
The audience discuss the remnants of the river
The Grand FInale – from the brewery opposite