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May 2013

Self Portrait

At the studio I rent they have a minimum booking time of two hours, I have a client who needs one shot job every couple of months, its the same type of product so I have the lighting set up a certain way which takes about half an hour. I’m happy with both the studio and the client. But the wasted time bothers me – and so it was time for a new self portrait, and some experiment with lighting. – which i found much harder to do on myself than on a subject. Here it is.

After some time doing product work I got to do some work with Sous Chef, an online company who cater for individuals, restaurants and reviewers. The supply hard to find ingredients and specialist cookware. The heart of the operation is a charming couple from London who are dedicated to this growing new business. And boy can they cook! I enjoyed the Tamales they served me during the day. I will refer to them as HOT TAMALES after a favourite track of mine

Here are some shots from the day:


Home made hot tamales, Salad and refried beans. Tamales are essentially corn flour stuffed with a filling (in this case lamb) and steamed in corn husks.



Canapé ware from Sous Chef.










May Day Whitstable

Part of the procession at the May Day festival in Whitstable. It was great to see such rich tradition in the UK. Felt like i was being pulled into the past, in a good way. Looking up morris dancers briefly, I found that there were records of them going back to 1510. also made me think a lot about Tony Ray Jones – who I studied last year.

I also re-did the photography section of my website this week – feel free to have a look, and comment here!



The view from London Bridge

This was actually taken about a month ago when life went a little crazy – nothing bad, in fact a lot of work came my way so it was good. So here is the Thames, as seen from London Bridge on a spring evening in early April. It was beautiful – and it will be again.

Thinking life will be better in the future is stupid, I have to act now…

I haven’t written about graphics for so long! And i may not write in any depth for some time. It doesn’t mean I don’t love combinations of type, image and and layout any less. (I was thinking about the work of Peter Saville only today. Has he been forgotten?), But i’m going off topic.

So many of you are coming to my blog after searching for Stephan Sagmeister, who I wrote about in a previous post. I was talking about his magnificent book, Things I have learned in my life so far. A collection of maxims for living, including this posts’ title: “Thinking life will be better in the future is stupid, I have to act now” – whih is something I have to keep reminding myself of. As is “Trying to look good limits my life…” and “Everything I do always comes back to me…”, Well, clearly Sagmeister has some good and well considered points.

This made me wonder why this sharp rise of interest started, as it persists! I thought they’re may be an exhibition or new book out. He does have an  exhibition in MOCA Los Angeles, (the bus fare from London is a killer though).

However I have also found some pretty impressive TED talks. They’re very interesting, and not just for designers. He talks of his book as a project in the first one, and happiness by design in the second (my favorite), well, they’re all very engaging and explore happiness, a subject close to all our hearts – so here they are:

Event – Wandsworth Arts Festival with The Brick Box

I’m full of the love for the Brick Box Ladies and their projects that promote regeneration. Last Saturday (and for the next two Saturdays –  I’d recommend it for everyone) they have nights promoting such an area near the Wandle river in Wandsworth. I covered last Saturdays event Unorthodox.

The Following images we’re some of about 40 I submitted to The Brick Box Ladies (that’s not me, thats what they’re called). Showing an overview of the festival and the centrepiece, a performance by the fabulous ‘Geomancers’: Yael Karavan and Bruno Humberto

Setting up BrickBox / Wandsworth Arts Festval ‘Unorthodox’
Cocktail lessons
Jacob Joyce, Sculptor, and some of his fantastic
Tuuli Manninen, Finnish artist
The Geomancers arrive
In Mourning
In Mourning
Part of the ritual to understand the river Wandle
The audience discuss the remnants of the river
The audience discuss the remnants of the river
The Grand FInale – from the brewery opposite

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