When you live in London if you’re on the horizon level there is no horizon. You can see one when you’re on a hill – perhaps – but it’s hard to be on the line of horizon. Visiting friends in Kent we walked to Faversham from Whitstable along the coast. The sense of openness is the opposite of London, I’d imagine readers who live on plains might not find this so exciting, but for me there’s a purity and sense of space that appeals to my sensibilities. (I confess to getting a little worse for wear and running along a vast tide-out shore-line the night before elated to have so much space with no one around me – I may also have been shouting “Whooo-hooo”).

So I took an opportunity to challenge a ‘regular’ portrait – just a little, knowing these guys well their size has reduced them to elements I can recognise. Funny how people who have personality character can be represented even when they are very, very small – like this*. It is very them, both in terms of their appearance and their change of environment from London to the coast, which they love, is shown in its vastness behind them.

*Okay, I may have cheated with the car – but you catch my drift.

****** OKAY, OKAY, i’ll put the cat back on…. ******