Portraiture with Ade 1
Portraiture with Ade – my 1st choice – think this will end up on my site

I went out with an old work friend of mine, Ade who also does a lot of client photography – we wanted to tackle the idea of slaving a flash (so one sets off the other) to enhance natural lighting – which was under a flat grey sky. This is an ongoing exercise to further develop my portraiture, for something else planned a little later in the year.

Portraits to my mind are meant to be more than just pictures of people – but to capture a little something about them. Its not always possible – it’s a concept that the best way to do this with people who are not always comfortable in front of a lens is to spend a little time with them. I spoke to Ade about this (he does a lot more portraiture than me), and he agreed it has a much more natural effect.


It’s also interesting looking at the way men and women are captured by camera. These are much stronger than the pictures of women i’ve recently taken, orr the children in my last post. Anyway i’ll put some more portraits up soon.

Comparing the below to this picture (above) where only one flash was used you can see the effect of remote (off camera) flash can be quite dramatic.