Rock n Roll (Archive)

I went back to rock and roll dancing class last night after an absence from the scene for a year, It was great. I forgot how exciting it is, and how quickly you meet people.

The dancing scene is huge, it’s also eclectic in ages and often in styles, I actually did a project in it for university, you can see some of the pictures here, The shot above was from Saturday Night Swing Club, although the classes were rock and roll / jive there’s often a huge range of dancing styles on club dancefloors ranging from the 1920’s to 1950’s, if you’re interested in the others look up Lindy-Hop, Shag, Charleston and Balboa.

OH! I can recommend you watch this video of some Lindy Hop competition dancing from the US. It’s amazing.

Lessons we’re from the legend Julie at Hula Boogie. Who teaches classes near the Strand and in Kennington.