Londoners live in a beautiful city. Most of us work here, some travel for hours just to get to their jobs. I don’t think we enjoy the city enough, we’re distracted by information, our worries, thoughts about our relationships and careers.

That’s how I felt before I decided to go back to University. And thats why I’m taking pictures of us Londoners in our busy lives. Consumed by our environment we travel like cells flowing through the beating heart of London, losing ourselves in our own thoughts, unaware of its almost organic nature, without witnessing it’s beauty.

There’s already an image from this project on here (winter light I) and large version of other pieces on the front page of my website. The people I have captured have been singled out by sunlight, illuminating their place in their relationship between them and this city. But its not a judgement on Londoners, (i don’t think its easy to be aware of your environment all the time in a city).