Well first of all – HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Deciding haven’t practiced portraiture enough, I am addressing this by that 2013 for me would be the year of the portrait. Although its more accurate to say I haven’t done as many recently.

A studio portrait i took in 2010.
OLDER STUDIO PORTRAIT. – The position of Tereza’s head is good and the aperture value is nice. I’ll post a recent portrait shortly and you can see the difference

Also looking at the definition, as provided by the dictionary on my mac:

portrait |ˈpôrtrət, -ˌtrāt|


1 a painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, esp. one depicting only the face or head and shoulders.

2 a representation or impression of someone or something in language or on film: the writer builds up a full and fascinating portrait of a community.

I think a lot of my protraits fall into the first part: They’re a picture of someone. Isn’t it more interesting to have a portrait which falls into the second category?  Trying to describe an aspect of their personality, the circumstance in which we met, or how it feels to be with them.

So thats one project for next year. If anyone’s in london and wants to volunteer you just let me know!!