Charlie and Jag

The combination of my perpetual singleness, my mum living in Canada and my Dad discovering the retreat (this will be his fourth this year, and there’s more to come) Christmas was always going to be tricky. I’m very lucky that I have some good friends who have offered me sanctuary – and not just because they feel awkward about me being alone over a family holiday, but because they want to spend time with me. Three people offered me a place over the season, including my stepmum Janet – even though she’s not married to my Dad anymore. I am blessed, and while I appreciate some people have a more stable family base, a lot of people have less of one too. I give thanks to my friends.

Charlie, who I spent Christmas with near Bognor Regis, is someone I have known for a very long time. We worked together in 1995, hung out for a while while doing a truly awful job, It’s funny how these jobs often help bind people together. We sold jewellery on train stations in  London. We had fun. She moved to the south coast and I took up her room in her London flat for a while, with her cat Jag who is pictured above. He used to walk up my legs and back while I slept. I was also dating one of her friends, which went very wrong – We lost touch, for ten years, TEN!! How stupid is that?! Luckily enough I bumped into her again a couple of years ago, and she has a forgiving disposition I give thanks for that. BIG thanks.

So for what is essentially my Christmas post I would like to give a shout out to my friends and let them know how valuable they are – In particular: Charlie Morgan, Chris Lambeth and Grant Burnside, Dan Phillips and family, and Cosmo Valseca.

Bognor Pier
The Bognor Regis Pier