Whitstable November Sunset

I’ve decided to change the format of my posts to a picture a week. Laura Pannack at a talk I went to on Saturday said she did a minimum of a picture a week for her blog. And now that’s what I’m going to do.

Here’s Chris and Grant, two of my closest friends at the coast where they now live. I amazed by the wonderful way the have engaged with life there since moving from London a little over two years ago.

These two have become involved, immersed, in the towns community – which have welcomed them in turn. It’s a story and, well, I suppose a personal project. I have known Chris since secondary school and Grant since the early 90’s.


Last Saturday I was at Photofusion for a talk about photography competitions hosted by WPO / Magenta – Flash Forward. Some excellent speakers spoke of how to use competitions to further their career, the included; Maja Daniels, Laura Pannack and VII photographer Donald Weber.

Enlightening – all their work was great but not my style.

Continuing my city project has been hard this week, yet I managed to get on it yesterday morning. I’m sure one may appear in a post soon.

Worked at a tricky photo-job in Cornwall, applied for a mentoring program – as a mentee. For improving my photography business – I really hope I get this. I find out in January.

More soon.